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Your resume is your key to opening doors in the computer consulting industry.  It is extremely important for your resume to be neat, precise and easy to read.  Our technical recruiters have compiled the following tips for you to use when creating or updating your resume.


How and where can we CONTACT you?
Put your name, address, phone number(s) email address(es) and homepage URLs at the top of the first page of your resume.   Your name should be on the top of each additional page.

What is your OBJECTIVE?*
Enter your objective here.  Our suggestion is to make a general statement or brief description of what you prefer to do (example: Web developer)
*Note: This field is optional

Categorize and list your systems/networks, databases, languages, software, hardware, etc. at the beginning of your resume.  This information gives us an idea of your skills.

1) List your experience in chronological order.  Be sure to include your title, dates and a brief description for each position.

2) In the past, resumes longer than two pages were considered "excessive".   This is not necessarily true in the IT consulting industry.  Your resume should be detailed enough to clearly reflect your depth of technical expertise and overall industry experience.

What level of EDUCATION have you completed?
List the name(s) of schools you have attended and the degrees or certificates you have earned.

What types of SPECIALIZED CERTIFICATIONS have you earned?
List any other relevant certification that you hold (CNE, MSCE, etc) and include the dates you were certified.

If you need further assistance, please click here to download Aardvark's Resume Template, created in Microsoft Word, 7.0.