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Technical Publications On-Line:

The following are links to Information Technology trade magazines offering free or discounted subscriptions to qualified individuals.   Aardvark Systems And Programming, Inc. has provided this information for your leisure and in no way claims affiliation with any of the publications listed.

Computer World...http://www.computerworld.com
Computerworld reaches an audience of over 1 million business influencers each week. With over 42 awards for editorial excellence in the past two years, and being sourced frequently by the business press, Computerworld is recognized as a leading provider of news and analysis on the technologies and management issues of information technology.
Contract Professional...http://www.cpuniverse.com
Targeted at contractors and consultants, Contract Professional On-line is a gathering in cyberspace, an information resource and a nexus for communication.  The site includes newsgroups, opinion polls on topics of interest to the contracting community and summaries of feature articles and regular columns from the most recent edition of Contract Professional
Info World...http://www.infoworld.com
A leading information service weekly providing readers with product news, reviews and opinions.  The web site includes discussion forums, offering readers real-time access to share their feedback and opinions with Info World columnists and each other.
Information Week...http://techweb.cmp.com/iw/673
Internet World...http://www.internetworld.com
Internet World takes industry issues and products and analyzes them for companies that use the internet as an integral part of their business.  Internet World helps them determine which new internet products are appropriate for them.
Java World...http://www.javaworld.com
A web-only magazine for the Java community of developers and enthusiasts.  Java World is a full-fledged magazine with hands-on features and how to columns which include live Java applets and example JavaScript code, reviews, tips, new products news, news analysis and links to key sites.
Mac Home Journal...http://www.machome.com
Mac Today...http://www.avaloncity.com/mactoday
Mac Week...http://www.zdnet.com/macweek
Here, readers can find selected top stories from the latest edition of MacWeek, reviews from past issues, contact information and more.
Mac World...http://www.macworld.com
Net Contractor...http://www.demon.co.uk/syntaxis/contract
Net Professional...http://www.netprolive.com
Providing readers with full coverage of the Internet from a MacIntosh perspective.   Net Professional connects readers with powerful and easy-to-use tools for creating, publishing, and serving websites, and for connecting Mac and intranets to the Net-tools that are available just for the Mac-OS.
PC Magazine...http://www.zdnet.com/pcmag
PC Today...http://www.pctoday.com
PC Today offers a wide variety of product information found in catalogs combined with the helpful, professional insight of a national computer magazine.  It provides readers with aggressive reviews, user case studies, and feature articles to help buyers make their own decision when buying computer products.
PC Week...http://www.zdnet.com/pcweek
PC World...http://www.pcworld.com
Upside Magazine provides readers with an unflinching insiders' view of the world's leading technology companies.  It takes readers behind the scenes by providing up-to-date news and providing a forum for experts throughout the computer industry and across the web.
Wall Street Journal...http://www.wsj.com
Web Week...http://www.webweek.com
Web Week is a weekly magazine written for the enterprise decision makers, senior technical business people and Internet development managers within organizations.  Topics include: Industry news, products reviews, technical reports, interviews, columns, company and executive profiles, and opinions about World Wide Web commercial and internal applications for major enterprises.
Windows Magazine...http://www.winmg.com